the aftermath

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So... camp was this week and everyone already knows that. FUN STUFF, except for some mishaps and the rain and the fact that my whole body hurt afterwards, but it's all good. At first I wished it was longer, but now I'm so glad it was only three days otherwise I would've died. I hope this entry isn't too long:

DAY 1:
I got to school, and a lot of people were there already. Anyway, the teachers lied so we came early for nothing. Went on the bus, got to the centre, ate something, and FINALLY moved into cabins :D They were pretty nice, sort of reminded me of year seven's when we had to be in the guy's cabins. NO, not in their cabins, their blocks. More importantly, there was a giant mirror for the girls, LOL.

Our first activity must've been rock-climbing, according to my camera. SO TIRING. When I was up there, it was hard to move my arms and legs because I'm a weakling. But I made it up to the top twice, so that's all that matters ^^ Our group had Ms. Milner, but we could've had Mr. Lynch if he came instead, boohoo. High ropes after that; it was easy enough, but sort of nerve-racking. The highness was a little sickening and weird...

Free time in the cabin again! Nikkida brought her ghd and it's so good. I WANT ONE. So, we experimented and I ended up giving Tracey and Carmen curly hair. It's hard to curl my own hair sadly... Or maybe that's just my Remington. Dinner was... I'm not sure. I didn't take one, but I ate Julia's creme brulee cos she didn't want it, and it was yummy even though it looked weird. After dinner, we discovered the swing! But it was a bit freaky, cos it was shifty and the frame kept jolting. I think it was eight years and under too, haha.

They made us go on a night walk later, in the wind and the rain and the pitch blackness. It got really hot and I was wearing skinny jeans, HORRIBLE. The view at the spot was really nice though, but I couldn't take pictures because it wouldn't work with my camera. Yeah, I died. Couldn't we have just gone in the daytime? Anyways I was dead after the hike... When we got back our whole cabin (me, Nikkida, Carmen, Tracey, Ashley, Julia, Diem and Anh) sort of squished onto Carmen's bed and talked til around 12. Interesting stuff ^^

DAY 2:
Woke at like SIX on Tuesday, but Anh, Ashley and Diem were up even earlier *0* Had vertical challenge that day, and it was as tiring as rock-climbing. Which one was easier, anyway? At least, I think it was quicker and less painful. We had flying fox after that. Pretty good, but the other group broke it so it was one person at a time, GRR. ==' Oh, and playing basketball in a huge group was really random but funny, psht.

You know those challenge things? Our group failed it, HAH. :L First, the log one took like half an hour, then in the end we still didn't get it XD We ended up not getting to do that wall challenge, aw. FINALLY we went to the beach after that, and it was good! Cloudy, not unbearably hot, and the Mark (?) guy was cool cos he let us not do sports and just played in the sand/water. He let us bury people too\... That night was games night, and we played this Dragontail game in a huge circle. EPIC. I got picked then failed, but watching was so awesome. That game where we had to race to find items was pretty fun too, LOL. Group 7 is gross. GROSS.

DAY 3:
Our group made rafts, which weren't really rafts because both Joss and Troy were in the water anyway o_0 Also went on giant swing. Crazy. I screamed and according to George that's my loudest. But the drop was freaky. FREAKY. The feeling is so weird. But swinging was nice, just not dropping.

Made the most of our last hours at Collaroy by taking photos. I think my camera is half dead, ARGH. I hope I can get a new one in time for Japan trip next year, so excited for that as well. But I need money, and that's a different story. The bus ride home was pretty good, all the people in the window seats slept, while the rest of us amused ourselves.

I told my mum to pick me up at 3:30, but we got there earlier. It was formal and Mr. Lynch had the cake but wouldn't let us see it. Btw, it was Michel's bahaha. Then me and Lisa ran to the courtyard and saw chairs and balloons and stuff, ooh. Can't wait til we start having our formals, it looks so fun :D Anyway, the wait beats last year, when me and Koshila were like, the only ones, SO SAD.

And that's it. I was so dead waking up today, and tomorrow's mufit, DAMMIT. Oh well, I can dress for the weather cos apparently it'll be like 34 degrees. But I hate planning outfits. With a passion. So much effort... (sigh) Well here are photos that turned out okay:

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