they weren't so great

Friday, November 20, 2009

Yawn, sort of cbf to write anything, today was sooo hot. Not cool. LITERALLY. We got english part one back, finally, and I got 6. Out of 20. ASDFGHJWTH... Oh, and in science, it we did something "related" to the senses topic by lying around on the floor and stuff. Except I kept standing up and stuff because our dresses are really hot and inconvenient for lying on the ground in. ==" Mr. Peck has such weird music and he wouldn't let us turn it off, huh.

Geography was watching Man vs. Wild again. LOL we've watched so many episodes now it's really predictable, like... Bear (the guy's name) always HAS to jump out of a moving vehicle and HAS to drink his own pee at some point and there HAS to be some weird reflective/sentimental/wildlife moment and crap. Pfft. He/his cameraman better be paid good to do all that stuff, LOL.

So... I need to pack for camp this weekend and my parents think they're gonna take us an hour away for some stranger's 18th birthday. YEAH RIGHT. Apparently it'll cool down by Monday, so yay/nay? Hrm. Anyway, still need thongs and a hat even though I already have that stuff, haha.

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