red in the rose

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

... Happy Australia Day guys, LOL. So you might or might not notice... I deleted my reading list :0 Whatever, I didn't get around to finishing it, but I would need to buy the last books, and I want to save for the LX3 / birthday presents. At least I almost finished the list? ;) Well, unless someone wants to lend me them, hehe. (Looking For Alaska, Virgin Suicides, Blindness or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn).

Meanwhile... I did this yesterday! SO HAPPY WITH IT, they look super nice now. Basically I got cheap Big W chucks, coloured them black, studded and sprayed them with protective stuff. Yay.

Studding was such a pain, they weren't exactly sharp studs so I had to use a needle and screwdriver to make holes. I really hope the texta doesn't scrape if I walk/kick something either... o__o

Oh, like my fat fingers rings? I never used to wear them because I was paranoid about them not coming off. The things I used to think...

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