you wouldn't like me

Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's a suuuuper old photo XD So... school tomorrow. Yay? I just packed my stuff in last year's bag, and it's so heavy :C I reckon going back is less exciting every year, around last year I wouldn't have been able to sleep before school started again, haha. But then again everything is less exciting when you get older, so I probably won't have ANY excitement left in me when I'm all elderly D:

I haven't done anything today. But I did download this korean editor so I could have nice borders :D I know I could probably do it on PSP, but THIS one has specialized buttons. Pretty cool even though I don't know a bit of korean :D ... Oh, you know what I want to do sometime? See a real firefly. What do they look like anyway? o___o

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  1. the shoe-lace socks are the shit! i want theeeeeeem <3333

  2. it's carmen's sock XD i want it too!

  3. Love your scrapbook.
    Isn't it the best when they get nice and fat. You should try tying two together that's what I end up doing when mine get too fat.