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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our whole family went city today. I sorta wanted to get new clothes but instead just got polka-dot tights. They're pretty :) YAY, I can wear them in autumn, which starts on Monday XD

So... we got to the city sometime in the morning, and went into Myer. The usual stuff's there... I was gonna check out the camera I wanted but there was a staff person there and it'd be weird if I didn't buy it. ><" At Kinokuniya there was a craft fair thingo and this chick made these miniature foods. THEY WERE SO AWESOME *0*

And Aranzi Aronzo stuff, I want one of the books but I guess I'm not skilled enough to make them :l

Macarons. Again. KYLEEN that's (sorta) the ones I'm talking about:

OH, I didn't go to Morning Glory for a month, right? AND IT'S FULL DIFFERENT. And pink. It's really pretty now though, and everything's colour-coded 8D

... That's all we had time for. We always end up going to the same places every time anyway, LOL. Oh... maybe I should start studying English. That assessment's on Monday even though it's a no-English day so... damn. GOODBYE.

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  1. miniature foods are the best :p so cute!

  2. the macaron or the miniatures? xD they do look nice to eat...