cloudy with a chance of...

Friday, February 05, 2010

FRIDAY. YES. I thought this week would never end... Anyway. The weather in Sydney now is so weird. It's pretty cloudy and really warm, but suddenly it starts pooouring and thundering and crap. Oh, swimming carnival's next week and the Macarthur's theme's Mexican o_o I hate yellow too, so I don't know what to wear, dilemma...

I took these today, to practise? My dad says I take bad photos, PFFT. They look fine to me :b Except these are a bit weird, they were super dark before but I lightened them and they look a little grainy... Well I'm tired, so GOOD NIGHT, even though it's 5 o'clock. I'll post something better another day.

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  1. I quite like how these photos turned out :)

  2. I like these photos (:
    the colours and grain are reminiscent to film photography ( which I absolutely loveeeee!! )

  3. i like these photos. i dont think your dad really meant it was bad. he just probably didnt "get it". ^^

  4. thanks guys! my dad doesn't really see photos on my blog, just other ones i take :b