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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There are very few things I like about summer, but an excuse to drink iced coffee all day long definitely makes the list. Heck, even that won't stop me during the rest of the year, and you'll often find me with a glass (or cliche mason jar) in hand when it's pouring outside! It's a far cry from when I used to dislike coffee full stop, but I think the taste has grown on me over the years. I'm definitely no purist though, and when I'm not having a mocha I like my coffee the Asian way with condensed milk over ice. It isn't necessarily the healthiest beverage out there, but it's definitely addictive!

To be honest, the method for this is super simple and probably doesn't even need a recipe. In fact, my mum refuses to use measurements and it still turns out great every single time! Sadly I don't have her skills, but there's really no right or wrong way of doing it. Besides, I don't think it makes much of a difference when you're in desperate need of caffeine...


   Iced Coffee Recipe

4 tablespoons instant coffee
250mL hot water
200g condensed milk
¼ teaspoon salt
Milk of choice
1. Add hot water to the instant coffee, and stir until dissolved. Then add the condensed milk, salt and sugar to taste. Stir everything together and leave to cool down.

2. If you prefer more coffee, you can always add more instant coffee depending on how strong you like it. Serve over ice with equal parts milk and coffee concentrate. I'm a bit lactose intolerant so I like using soy milk, which tastes just fine (although pretty sure it'll work with anything else!)

The result? A strong, refreshing iced coffee that's a little on the sweet side, just how I like it! The only thing missing is a dollop of whipped cream, even though I reckon this is pretty decadent as is. Let me know, how do you like your coffee? Or if you're not a fan, what do you order instead? I'm really keen on discovering new drinks to try out!

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  1. I don't know how it never occurred to me to add condensed milk to my coffee! I love condensed milk, especially over strawberries and shaved ice :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I LOVE iced coffee with condensed milk, we never have any on hand but I'll definitely order it if it's on a menu.

  3. when i was in new york the girl i stayed with was half taiwanese and she would always make iced tea with condensed milk like this! to be honest i'm not much of a coffee fan, though i do really like the smell and i'm less grossed out by it than i used to be when i was younger, but i still never really order or drink it. i just stick to tea or if i feel like ordering something a bit different i'll go for a chai latter or the classic hot chocolate.

    jessica - littlehenrylee.com

  4. Oh how I LONG for summer! We are in the grips of winter here in London and so coffee absolutely needs to be hot right now. However, these recipe sounds perfect and I shall give it a whirl when the sun returns to these lands xxx

  5. mmmMMmm! i can't wait till the summer. i would definitely have a few of these every day ;)

  6. Looks SO good! I will definitely be trying this when summer finally gets here! xo

  7. I loooove coffee! I think if you want to like the
    taste of coffee you should start in babysteps:
    latte, cappuccino and lastly an espresso?
    Anyway, I usually don't use measurement
    when I make coffee or milk tea for myself
    either :P Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  8. I am waiting for summer to drink iced coffee. The one you've made looks incredibly delicious!


  9. Condensed milk seriously makes everything better. And I always feel a little bit fancy when I drink my drinks in mason jars lol


  10. It's actually really common in Asia, since it's hard to find fresh milk there! That dessert sounds incredible by the way, I'll definitely have to scope it out sometime :)

  11. I actually don't see it on menus that often, except maybe in Thai restaurants! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough haha

  12. I love the taste of coffee, but I don't usually go for the hot kind! Thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll try that out :)

  13. I've also only seen it in Thai restaurants, so I always get it when we have Thai haha!

  14. Mmm, that kind of iced tea sounds good! Even though I've warmed up to coffee I still enjoy hot chocolate from time to time, it definitely is a classic in my books :)

  15. Haha, doesn't everything taste better out of a mason jar? If only I didn't feel so guilty about how sugary condensed milk is, otherwise I'd have it with everything!

  16. I know! Sometimes I'm tempted to eat it straight out of the can. It's just that good :)

  17. mmmm so hungry now. lol